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Caecilians are a group of limbless snake-like amphibians which live hidden in the ground and are therefore much less known to humans than frogs and toads. They are primarily distributed around Tropical Central and South America, Southern Asia, and Africa.

Diet, Reproduction, and Adaptation

These amphibians usually live on a diet of subterranean organisms like earthworms. About a quarter of the species of caecilians lay eggs, which are then guarded by the female. Most hatchlings are metamorphosed as they hatch while some are born as larvae, which spend their time in areas near a water-body. The remaining 75% of caecilians are viviparous, giving birth to developed offspring. Their bodies are perfectly adapted to their subterranean lifestyle.

Interesting Fact

Caecilians, in New Latin, means ‘the blind ones.’ They do have a vision though, characterized by a dark-light perceptive capability.

Sagalla Caecilian
Mexican Caecilian