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Sagalla Caecilian

Sagalla caecilian is an amphibian which was first described in 2005. The creature is limbless with an elongated and externally segmented body. It closely resembles a snake or a large earthworm. It possesses a rounded snout with short, globular tentacles. The caecilian spends its life underground.

    Kingdom Animalia
    Phylum Chordata
    Class Amphibia
    Order Gymnophiona
    Family Caeciliidae
    Genus Boulengerula
    Scientific Name Boulengerula niedeni

    Size Up to 30 cm
    Color Brownish with a pinkish-red tint
    Distribution Sagala Hill in southeast Kenya at an elevation  above 1000 meters
    Habitat Under decomposing vegetation or beneath banana plants in areas with dark, moist and rich soil especially near streams
    Diet Earthworms and termites, other soil invertebrates
    Predators Snakes, birds
    Mode of Reproduction Oviparous (egg laying)
    Clutch Size Around 5 eggs
    IUCN Conservation Status Endangered

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