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Greenhouse Frog

Greenhouse frog is a small species of frog native to Cuba, the Bahamas, and the Cayman Islands. The species is terrestrial and nocturnal. There is no larval stage in the reproductive process as young hatch from the eggs fully formed juvenile frogs.

    Kingdom Animalia
    Phylum Chordata
    Class Amphibia
    Order Anura
    Family Eleutherodactylidae
    Genus Eleutherodactylus
    Scientific Name Eleutherodactylus planirostris

    Size 1.7 to 3.1 cm (0.67 to 1.22 in)
    Color Dull or olive brown base color with some individuals having two broad stripes running longitudinally along the length of the back and some are mottled; pale underside with red eyes
    Distribution Cuba, Bahamas and Cayman Islands (native);  Jamaica, Guam, some parts of USA including Florida and Hawaii (introduced)
    Habitat Mesic and xeric areas, forests, nurseries, caves, beaches, gardens, urban areas
    Diet Small invertebrates, like ants, beetles, mites, spiders, roaches
    Hibernation Fact Undergoes hibernation
    Predators Snakes, other frogs
    Breeding Season May to September
    Mode of Reproduction Oviparous (egg laying)
    Clutch Size 2 to 26 eggs
    Incubation Period Around 13 days
    Reproductive Age 1 year of age
    IUCN Conservation Status Least Concern

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